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With thousands of hours of flight experience, our certified instructors are among the most competent and professional in the industry. Our ongoing programs are uniquely tailored to meet your aviation goals. We work within your schedule and budget. Working closely with the FAA, we provide the most up-to-date training available.

Elite RC-1 Advanced ATD

Advanced Flight Training with the Elite RC-1

Airline-style Training: ELITE’s newest FAA approved Advanced Aviation Training Device is setting new standards in high-quality simulation technology. The RC-1 is a complete full-featured Advanced ATD with life-size, high-resolution instruments, cockpit enclosure, instructor station, and external visual system with large-screen display as standard equipment. It’s three trainers in one with included simple, complex, and twin-engine aircraft capability. This FAA Certified Simulator is the perfect way to get trained in procedures, stay current for Instrument flight and learn about GPS operations at a fraction of the cost of an aircraft. Time is log able with an instructor towards a certificate and ratings.